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Routing and Administration Committee

Want to link a server? Seen an admin misbehaving? Want to run interference on behalf of a friend who’s banned from Umbrellix? This is the place for you.

Routing Quick Hits

Link procedures

All administrators must be consulted in #admin-com about a new server link, except within jurisdictions decided by the Admin-Com. The owner of the IRC network must be consulted to add the domain names, however.

Hostname formats shall be . There are no exceptions for servers that will be available to the IPv4 public (except as grandfathered: unclespam. is a services bot, and so is . Additionally, Tor-only servers may replace with .onion and use their onion as the hostname).

Meanings of invalid TLDs

TLD Meaning
.h Hyperboria, e.g. would mean a server named invictus in Washington state that is only available over Hyperboria
.y Yggdrasil, e.g. would mean a server named invictus in Washington state that is only available over Yggdrasil
.x Hidden hubs (x represents a crisscrossing of links - hubs are usually the centre of a bit of crisscrossing) - these are usually H:lined open so that they may hub for any part of the network, though the admin may elect to restrict the scope of their H:line.
.l Hidden leaves (for companies and projects that wish to have an internal IRC server linked to Umbrellix - the second level domain must be the name of the organisation, e.g. “google-com.l” if Google wished to have an internal IRC server linked in. Such a server would be H:lined “*.google-com.l”) - these need not necessarily be private, but may have not gone through the usual competency checks
.v Virtual host - use when assigning vHosts instead of just accepting what is requested if you receive a vHost request that does not contain slashes
.d Darknet (a hidden leaf that is publically available in a darknet only - hidden hubs that can be connected through darknets are to use .x with a second level other than “umbrellix”, or .h in the case of Hyperboria)
.c OnionCat and GarliCat (a hub or leaf that is accessible via Tor or I2P respectively that requires use of the OnionCat program to access. The second level domain is the IPv6 address with all colons changed to dashes.)
.s Special audience/Project (the second level domain is the organisation name, again. Januses, new darknets, relays to non-IRC chat platforms, and similar go under this category.)

Organisation names

Organisation names are the second level component of a hidden hub or leaf’s IRC hostname. Usually, it will be the organisation’s registered domain, with all dots changed for dashes.

If an admin were to link a Janus or Pylink here, first they’d be told to turn tail, because this network supports Unicode nicknames and theirs won’t, and Pylink strips UTF in nicks anyway, and if they weren’t immediately told to turn tail, their organisation name would be “irc-tl.”

Public and regional public hubs and leaves will always have hostnames ending in *

Routing/Network Administration Committee Members

Title Status Servers Usual IRC nick Channels Frequented
Network Administration Committee Delegate Active, full participant*,* Ellenor, Reinhilde, AmeliaB, AmyMalik, Mel, MelMalik, Sarah #lounge, #admin-com, #attic
none (note: same joint and several person as previous) Active*,*,* (not part of Umbrellix IRC) Lightning, LXGHTNXNG, xLightningx, Molnija, Molniya #lounge, #UltradianClub, #attic
Donor Active* Helenah #lounge
Voice of reason, trusted operator Network Administration Committee Delegate Active, full participant kalemegdan.*,*,*,* Jovan #lounge