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This is a list of Umbrellix software that Umbrellix currently officially supports.

To discuss, or for help, you can join #umbrellix on Please note that we use self-signed certificates on our IRC server to save administrative workload. If you use Jabber, you may instead join #umbrellix on the Jabber server which has no issue with certificates.

Unless otherwise noted, all package names in this table are assigned under /pkg/ under the authority of To read more on package naming, read Umbrellix RFC #1.

Package Page Name Quality
net-im/irca /software/irca.html irca beta
web/ugopherserver /software/ugopherserver.html uGopherServer alpha
web/ussg /software/ussg/index.html UmbrellixSSG beta/rc
prog/suitcase /software/lsuitcase/index.html Suitcase Library vapourware to pre-alpha
mail/nightmaremail /software/nightmaremail/index.html Nightmare Mail pre-alpha (based on stable notqmail 1.08)
devel/targit-clone /software/targit-clone/index.html Targit Clone vapourware to pre-alpha
devel/unbindent /software/unbindent/index.html Umbrellix patchset to NetBSD indent late alpha