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unbindent (etymology: Umbrellix patches to NetBsd INDENT) is a derivative of NetBSD indent which compiles on FreeBSD (which was easy to achieve), illumos and Void Linux.

We also plan to correct the FreeBSD and NetBSD non-crashproof behavior of this indent, where the original file is copied, and then emptied, rather than being moved and recreated, when doing an in-place indent.


This product includes software developed by the University of California, Berkeley and its contributors.


This project contains only one utility. Its name, currently, is indent.


C99 compiler, POSIX-compliant system including POSIX-compliant Make, Standard File support, and a few other things. I haven’t tried this except on FreeBSD, illumos and Void Linux.


You can execute git clone


This package is under /pkg (and, for stable releases with a version number, host/ under /package, which we do not endorse). It does not install as a package - it must be installed manually. It’s “ready to run” after building with make indent, however, and should compile on most recent POSIX-compliant systems. If it doesn’t, that’s a bug - email the project mailing list (TODO: create an “umbxware” mailing list at