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targit-clone(1) FreeBSD General Commands Manual (any) targit-clone(1)

targit-clonea helper program for accessing TarGit repositories on sites like

This manual page describes the invokation of targit-clone

targit-clone url [target-dir]

targit-clone is a helper program for accessing "TarGit" repositories, which are bare Git repositories rolled into a tarball, compressed with zstandard (support for other compression algorithms, by command-line option, forthcoming), and served through a httpd, preferably over https.

None yet. It is planned that we will have an option to verify hashes (like sha256, etc).

checks that target-dir (or a default) does not exist. If it does, it aborts. Then, targit-clone downloads url, then extracts it to a variant of target-dir (in default of which, it generates one from the current directory and the filename of url) which has been permuted to a temporary name. Upon apparently-successful extraction, it then creates another variant of target-dir, and executes `git clone` from the first variant to the second. Upon apparent success of that operation, targit-clone moves the second temporary target directory to the target-dir and exits.

is preferred over the following due to its licence.
is preferred over the following due to its behavior when using fully qualified domains.
is accepted because it comes by default with FreeBSD and HardenedBSD
used to decompress TarGit repositories
used to unwrap TarGit repositories
used to check out TarGit repositories
October 9, 2022 FreeBSD 14.0-STABLE-HBSD