The Umbrellix Logo. Also a civil emblem of the Evdonia micronation. It's a transparent image with bottom-right corner stripes of red, grey white, celestial, and green.Umbrellix Umbrellix Software House

Umbrellix SSG

That’s not its permanent name, just a temporary name while we (the Bjornsdottirs and Lightning) instate the permanent name.


This project contains only one utility. Its name, currently, is ussg-page.


This project has documentation on multiple subjects other than ussg-page.

Subject Link
Headered Markdown doc/hmd.html doc/compilesite.html


This project depends on a converter program, archetypally markdown, but can be any that produces fragmentary HTML like markdown does. It also depends on a Tcl interpreter, archetypally tclsh8.6 but you may use an earlier version if you can supply a [dict] command and edit the #! appropriately.


You can obtain a cut of the version control repository by running git clone (right click and copy link).

You are licensed and permitted to redistribute UmbrellixSSG under the terms of the Umbrellix Software Licence as may be propagated by Umbrellix from time to time. You may use UmbrellixSSG without agreeing to this licence (link takes you to an external page) - in which case you may not use code snippets from it in your programs, nor pass the program onto a friend.


This package is under /pkg (and, for stable releases with a version number, host/ under /package, which we do not endorse). It does not install as a package - it must be installed manually. It’s “ready to run” out of the clone, however.