Umbrellix Left politics, programming, and self-hosted Internet services: experiences, lessons and hope

Umbrellix SSG

That’s not its permanent name, just a temporary name while we (the Bjornsdottirs and Lightning) instate the permanent name.


This project contains only one utility. Its name, currently, is ussg-page.


This project has documentation on multiple subjects other than ussg-page.

Subject Link
Headered Markdown doc/hmd.html doc/compilesite.html


This project depends on a converter program, archetypally markdown, but can be any that produces fragmentary HTML like markdown does. It also depends on a Tcl interpreter, archetypally tclsh8.6 but you may use an earlier version if you can supply a [dict] command and edit the #! appropriately.

To get

Temporarily, you can download the bare git repository, manually updated so sometimes out of date, from this website as a zstd compressed tar archive. Create a directory ‘ussg.git’, then run ‘zstdcat ussg.tar.zstd |tar -Cussg.git -xvvf -’, then ‘git clone ussg.git ussg’.